About us

Created in 2014, Adriatic Finance Group has something precious in the region, which is the experience of Western Europe and Asian way of doing business.
In the Balkans and Southeast Europe in general, finding someone who admits not knowing something is extremely rare. In the other hand, finding a consultant, lawyer or potential business partner who has “a cousin/friend in the government and can solve things immediately” is extremely frequent. Likewise, being told “it’s done” few minutes after exposing a problem is the norm.
The region is still in transition and require caution and methodology in the way someone approaches it, therefore we try our best to be realistic in what is achievable, both in terms of process and in terms of results.
At Adriatic Finance Group we consider that saying no to a potential customer if we believe that it protects its interests, will indeed bring us more business in the long term as integrity always pays.
Our competences can be partially summarized by the following list:
- Good language skills.
- Knowledge of how large multinationals company are operating.
- Insight of new trends in business.
- Geopolitics expertise.
- Client oriented approach.
- Precise comprehension of expectations in tax liability optimization.
- Appreciation of the shift in the insurance industry.
- Firsthand experience of industrial major disrupting events, resulting in complete shift in the market.
- Creative thinking and problem-solving competences, using out of the box solutions.
- Taste for good espresso coffee…
Don’t forget, our initial consultation is free, so contact us and you might get surprised.